Artwork is done and dusted.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Our album artwork is done and dusted to the amazing Lix from Lix Creative. Check it out below!

Have you ever heard the story behind the scene above? It's one of the most significant spiritual experiences I've ever had.

In 2016, Marty and I had been thinking about the significance of what Jesus did by dying on the cross. I commented on my sketchy understanding of its implication - despite knowing all the theology, I don’t live in a society where we make blood sacrifices for atonement of sin every other day so it’s hard to grasp the cultural constructs. The next night I had a vision. Here’s an excerpt from my journal:

“On Tuesday night we were putting the kids to sleep as per usual. Marty was settling Josephine in her room and I was with Sebastian in his. As I sat with him and he started to settle I saw a vision. In the vision Jesus was kneeling on the floor, facing the walls in the other corner of Sebastian’s bedroom (opposite his bed). I saw that Jesus had taken all Sebastian’s afflictions upon Himself. Of all things, He was lining blocks up in a row in just the same way that Sebastian is compelled to do.

Then I turned and saw Sebastian standing at the end of his bed. He stood strong and free, in a kind of almost superman-like pose, with no afflictions at all. I looked back and realised that Jesus had taken all the autistic traits – everything - off Sebastian and onto Himself. There He knelt – with all that afflicts Sebastian placed on Himself – and Sebastian was free. Jesus had taken all Sebastian’s afflictions off Sebastian and upon Himself.”


The magnitude of this shook me. It was difficult to speak aloud. It took me a day to tell Marty and a week to speak about it to anyone else. It still shakes me to this day.

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