We are a collective of four deeply committed followers of Jesus who also happen to be seasoned, professional musicians. Based in Brisbane, Australia, we create music to express our convictions about who God is, how He feels about us and what He expects of us.


We could blather on for hours about having performed thousands of shows from Nashville to Shanghai to Katherine NT to Tokyo to London to Poland, released three independent albums under a different moniker, and name drop about working on hundreds of sessions and countless spots as backing musicians for a bunch of more well-known musical provocateurs... but... since God allowed us to be broken by an event so unspeakably, gut-wrenchingly horrendous that no words can quite express the anguish... none of that stuff really means much to us anymore. 

No more shrines. No more idols. No more double mindedness. Happy Girl catalogues the raw journey of being broken and learning to submit to God... and to count it all joy.